"Creating Healthier Homes & Bodies, One Little Change at a Time. "

Award Winning Speaker & Author and Environmental Health Advocate

Kristi Marsh | Speaker

Kristi Marsh


Kristi Marsh is a nationally celebrated speaker gifted at inspiring and empowering audiences. Whether your organization is social, business or nonprofit, Kristi’s unique look on healthier living and personal journey will contribute towards a memorable event.

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I have been part of – and a witness to – a powerful shift in the way we look at health, unfolding right here in our very generation. ~ Kristi Marsh

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Little Changes



Little Changes starts with gut-wrenching roller coaster of emotions, and leads to an adventure that involves a Western Grebe, farm stand spinach, a meaty love story, a rock in Wyoming, and some pioneers—which eventually captured national attention. Little Changes enlightens readers about the swelling epic transformation of our generation – understanding the interaction between the products we bring into our homes and our own beautiful bodies.

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Be Choosy



Call it a newsletter, or a blog, or a hybrid blog-letter, this is my way to have a cup of virtual tea with my readers and dish on the latest going-on in personal environmental health – what we need to know about what comes into our homes and onto our bodies. I am not a product reviewer and I am not sponsored. What you will find here is a real woman, with an honest voice, trying to do the right thing in an imperfect world.


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