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Subscribe Welcome to a growing world of resources, tips and fun! An intimate place we can learn together on how to create a healthier home for you and your family. In Home Eco-Momics 101 (a term coined in Little Changes) you can jump in and start making the little changes wherever you’d like!

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Creating a healthier home through choosing wiser is a life long philosophy.

The key is just to start. Take one product or room or food item and make a wiser choice. Replace it, and move onto something else. Pour yourself a margarita, and dance around the your newly purchased farm stand spinach. Celebrate your new deodorant, the tomatoes you grow, or the cleaners you made, instead of focusing on what you still have left to do. I have found with a sigh of relief, that once change is part of the routine, it becomes easier to continue.

I highly encourage you to invite two friends to take this journey with you. There is something incredibly moving about locking arms and coming to the side of another. In togetherness, we find safety and strength. Your learning curve will skyrocket…and when you get down to it, you save triple the time.

Make sure to check back here often. As Choose Wiser grows over 2012, I will be changing the resources frequently. You can also “Like” the Choose Wiser Facebook page. Lot’s of conversation happens over there. It’s a Home Eco-Momics instant-gratification fix!