Bring Kristi to Your Event

Is Kristi right for YOUR event?

Photograph by Mary SchwalmKristi’s message is a combination of inspiring stories woven into real-world unfolding eco-health topics. Each year Kristi sculpts the most pulsing topics into four focuses in order to serve a diverse range of audiences – from green businesses, to corporate, to mainstream women.

Keynotes generally consist of a 45-minute presentation, a Q&A session, and book signing following the engagement. Depending on the topic you choose and atmosphere of your event, the presentation may include audience interaction, props, humor, visual experience or a make-and-take activity.

You can expect:

An initial get-to-know each other phone call.

An image of Little Changes, Kristi’s head shot and press information, along with prepared Facebook posts and Tweets to help promote your event.

We can promote your event on the Choose Wiser website, and if open to the public, included in a Choose Wiser blog to followers.

A few weeks before your event, Kristi will reach out to touch base and share a prepared introduction, and on the day of the event, Kristi will arrive at least an hour prior to the guests to become familiar with the set up, stage and sound system.

 As it is important to genuinely connect with audience members who would like to meet her, as often as possible, Kristi will bring an assistant to focus on book sales.

NEW for 2015: An optional personalized Welcome Video from Kristi to your Guests to build excitement and buzz! 

Choose a Presentation Topic

What is an “honorarium?”

An honorarium is simply a fancy term for the speaker’s presentation fee.  Kristi’s honorarium starts at $3500.00. In addition, travel and expenses will be considered. We value creativity and fresh ideas; please give us a call and we can discuss options.


Choosing a speaker for your event is an important decision.

We hope this answers some of your basic questions. For more information, please contact Kristi Marsh at kristimarsh@Choosewiser.comor at (508) 364-2649.