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The Eco-Enthusiast Tour Topics 2015-2016 

Looking for an motivational keynote speaker who is just right for your event? Create a compelling, informative experience for your audience and watch resonate with Kristi’s life-enhancing, can-do storytelling. They will thank you for doing so. 

Partnering with Kristi is more than offering an ‘inspirational story’ to your community. Kristi is a celebrated national professional speaker, an eco-health movement leader and an award-winning author.  Start by browsing Kristi’s 2015-2016’s motivational keynote topics below, or view this delightful  Media Brochure 

2015 Perks for Meeting Planners: 

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2015 Topics


Little Changes

The Story of a Reluctant Budget-Friendly Eco-Enthusiast & the Simmering Transformation of our Generation

From young breast cancer survivor and mainstream mom to national protector-and-educator of women’s ‘eco-health,’ Kristi Marsh captivates audiences by sharing what we need to know and what we can do about products we smother on our skin, foods we devour, and the surroundings in which we immerse ourselves. Prepare to be illuminated about this unfolding topic and how you can choose wiser to become an advocate of your beautiful body and those of your children.

This topic is a engaging stand alone keynote or can be further customized to focus on either the unfolding world of safe personal care products, or money saving DIY cleaning products. Please call to see how these can enhance your event. 


Who:  women’s leadership conferences, health conferences, chamber of commerce annual events, national meetings, luncheons

“Ms. Marsh is that rare presenter who is able to deliver serious information with panache and energy. She is articulate, funny, touching, and down-to-earth a combination that ensures her audience is fully engaged in all that she has to say. Her enthusiasm for her subject is contagious and lends itself to vigorous feedback and audience participation. The Ames Free Library hosted approximately 200 adult events in the last calendar year. The events contributed to the library’s winning of a finalist position in the competitive Best Small Library in America 2011 award.  I would personally place Kristi Marsh in the top 15 presenters for a year that witnessed a highly noteworthy set of speakers.” ~Uma Hiremath, Ph.D. Assistant Director Ames Free Library

Kristi Marsh

  Fight for Food Justice, Copley Square, Boston, MA 

Advancing Toward the New-Economy Frontier

Wanted:  Brave Eco-Commerce Pioneers to Guide Massive (Reluctant) Mainstream Migration.

Eco-Health awareness is expanding among mainstream consumers, but rides powerfully alongside a complex emotional transition. Learn about the hearts and minds of curious mainstream women, and how your better-for-us business can respond to their concerns and hesitations. Kristi shares insights on how you can navigate through these barriers and convert them into your most enthusiastic clients. After all, the destination is mutual.

Who: Natural Product Expos, small and medium marketing, sustainable coalition keynote, retail conventions.*Also customized for non-profit organizations and coalitions who wish to expand their supporter base.

“Kristi, You are Amazing! Thank you for making the world a healthier place and for helping to give the beauty industry a makeover!”  ~Stacy Malkan, author of  Not just a Pretty Face, The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry, and founder of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

Sustainable Cosmetics Summit

 Opening keynote at the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit, New York, NY. Photographed with a few audience members: Nikos Koutsianas, Founder and CEO, Apivita,  Jasper Van Brakel, CEO, Weleda,  Wendy Cockayne Lucas, General Manager, Desert Essence, Hugo Saavedra, CEO, Hugo Naturals and Tyler Heiden  Jones, President, Intelligent Nutrients.

 The {Un} Green Speaker

Not sure what all this Eco-Health Buzz is about? Kristi Marsh illuminates speakers on what you need to know to create a speaker’s edge—allowing you to focus on what YOU do best.

You pour your heart into carefully crafting your world-or-business changing message, why learn about eco-health? The mainstream world – your clients, audiences, corporate partners and meeting planners – are becoming eco-enlightened and will expect a certain protocol from you as a professional speaker. Kristi Marsh will share the latest concepts in the eco-health movement, the eye-opening unfolding story, 3 simple mistakes that will silently turn eco-audiences off, and 7 simple gestures for you to add into your speaking and coaching business for a professional competitive advantage. With this knowledge, doors can open to an entire market of bold, eco-commerce clients and sponsors who will enthusiastically support a professional who speaks their ‘nontoxic’ language.

Who: National Speaker Association chapters, Toastmasters District conferences. *Also customized to expand Meeting Professionals knowledge on eco-industry and client needs.

 “I was at your talk at the Spring Conference. I love what your doing and the way you’re making the speaking and writing work. I hope one day I can make a similar leap!”  ~Stuart Pink, Toastmasters International World Champion 3rd Place, 2012

Boston Premiere of SPEAK

On stage as part of a panel for the Boston premier of  SPEAK with Toastmaster International World Champions and leaders. 


Creating Your (new) Beautiful Body

This cancer survivor sorority sister takes on the simmering world of becoming an advocate for our own beautiful bodies by revealing the unfolding world of ‘personal eco-health.’

With a cup of humor and smidgeon of sarcasm, Kristi Marsh enlightens audiences about how our environment interacts with our newly rebuilt bodies. After all, she shares the common language, experience and emotions of those who have had to fight. Take-away’s and can-do’s from her personal journey include what we can do to choose wiser and live passionately in a world filled with alarming headlines. The ultimate goal? To celebrate our body’s number one purpose: giving us gift of the best life possible.

Who: Cancer survivors, champions, warriors, sisters, those who are newly diagnosed to those who are so-done-with-cancer.

“Eleanor Roosevelt said, ‘Many people walk in and out of your life but only true friends will leave footprints on your heart.’ I feel you have truly left a footprint in the Purdue North Central Women’s Association.”  ~Laura Odom, President Purdue North Central Women’s Association, Annual Spring Luncheon  Picture of Health FinalistPrevention Magazines Picture of Health Finalist , Breast Cancer Survivor and Women’s Health Activist




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