Peaks for Prevention

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This September I join a couple dozen amazing women on overnight hike in the stunning White Mountains of New Hampshire. I am inviting you to join me on this get-crazy, why-not adventure of a lifetime.  Surrounded by autumn at its most magnificent, the invitation includes sunrises, meals, encouragement, sunsets, laughs, deep breaths, moments of reflection and a night’s sleep in the “Lake of the Clouds” hut.  Wild, isn’t it?

Before you dismiss or delete the idea, I have to share…

1)     I am not a hiker, but life is too short to not get out and try something new. It’s time.

2)     Exhilarating as it might seem, it isn’t even about us. Peaks for Prevention is a fundraiser for the Breast Cancer Fund. Every step we take will honor loved ones, our personal fight, or you can be arm in arm with your fighting-survivor best friend and all raising money towards breast cancer prevention.

3)     Even if we haven’t met, this invitation stands. “Team Little Changes” is intimate and welcoming. Come by yourself or bring a friend.

Peaks for Prevention

Why would I choose Breast Cancer Fund in this world of walks, runs and fundraisers galore?

Margie Kelly, former Media Campaign Manager for the Breast Cancer Fund and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, brings real tears to my eyes as we talk about what is unfolding in our world.  Her natural grace and purpose resonated deeply with me as we talked pressing points including:

 What has happened over 10 years with the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

Why not knowing about this topic isn’t your fault.

Our favorite book recommendation.

Learn more:

Peaks For Prevention, my Team Little Changes Page, or (my favorite ) browse the Hike Itinerary . You can also contact Deb Cole at or call (401) 525-1778. Let’s do this together!


If you aren’t joining Team Little Changes:

Would you consider donating $25? I know a few ladies who might be sheepsish to raise funds and your donation might give them the courage to join a team – of course 100% goes to the Breast Cancer Fund.

Donate 2 Help a Hiker


In the mood for more Safe Cosmetics education?

Check out this ‘retro’ video circa April 1, 2010While my hairstyle is oh-so different, the message is only stronger and more imperative today.

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