Unjunk Your Junk Food

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From the viewpoint of a person under forty-eight inches, the world was a Candyland—a couple Oompa-Loompas short of Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. We lived in a tantalizing, tempting, coaxing, persuading, junk food Garden of Eaten. So whom did that make me? Let me tell you. Not a noble, admired, loved family member. Not the brownie baking, generous best friend (whose hostessing I truly did admire). It made me the No-Meister. No this. No that. No. No. No. A sour-party-pooper-wound-too-tight-mother. An evil mommy. A control freak. A woman who wanted to throw the towel in every three days, give or take a grocery trip. An exhausted parent who fell asleep wondering, Was I even a good mom today? Did my kids feel any love from me? Did we laugh or talk?  I despised being Sergeant No.

~ excerpt from one of my favorite chapters in Little Changes

Since when did tiny packages of sugar, synthetic colors, and preservatives, gain the presence to become an everyday parenting challenge? With pocket-change pricing and persuasive marketing, junk food is a topic powerful enough to flip mother-knows-best guidance into an ongoing Home-Sweet-Home battlefield.

While each child emphatically declares they are the only one with health-focused lunchboxes, we know it isn’t true. Making little changes – reducing fast food, eliminating soda, or banning sugar all together – is now a mainstream conversation. And the more creative tools to arm-and-educate (and keep the peace) the better.Andrea Donsky

Bright eyed, fast-talking, and engaging Andrea Donsky is co-founder of Naturally Savvy who pours her passion into just that: providing us tools to make this easier. Andrea’s journey, sparked by digestive issues, led her to write Unjunk Your Junk Food, a guide to negotiating a peaceful middle ground while choosing wiser. In our interview, she shares her self-assured outlook on the evolving perception of being woo-woo, explores the scary seven, and dishes on her own parenting style.



Start at Naturally Savvy.   

I recommend clicking the Challenges tab to power-focus you on a particular topic, such as going Non-GMO, Gluten Free or focusing on  Omega 3s.  

Or to her blog defining why these seven ingredients were chosen for the Scary Seven:

Scary Seven Ingredients


In the way the world works, I have been avoiding sugar more and more –  just about the same rate my daughter’s love for baking has grown. Converting to organic ingredients, and baking in moderation has become our middle ground. (Gosh darn it, she is good too!)  In the meantime, I hold onto small victories such as  pulling us off soda and skipping fast food.  What are your victories? Where would you recommend readers to start who are beginning their journey?

PS: If you crave more topics like this, you might enjoy “3 Tips for Going Organic”.



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