Little Changes: Tales of a Reluctant Eco-Enthusiast 

Little Changes: Tales of a Reluctant Eco-Enthusiast starts with gut-wrenching roller coaster of emotions, and leads to an adventure that involves a Western Grebe, farm stand spinach, a meaty love story, a rock in Wyoming, and some pioneers—which eventually captured national attention. It is a story of an 'Everyday-Me' becoming an advocate for our own bodies and was created, intentionally, as a story for women to share with one another.  



After a startling discovery threatened to extinguish her right to be a mother to her three children, Kristi Marsh was thrown into an unexpected mommy-timeout. Over the next few years, she resurrected her inner warrior, vowed to abandon mainstream domesticity, and challenged the parenting status quote in the name of health.  

With a cup of humor, a smidgeon of sarcasm, and a wallop of mainstream motherhood. Little Changes enlightens readers about the simmering, swelling , epic transformation of our generation.


This is the most eye-opening book I've ever read. You MUST read it. Every American MUST read it. What I've learned since I began reading this book is simply astounding."

— Gena from "Life wiht Captain FussbyBuckets" 


I want to hand Little Chnages to every book clbu in town! English teachers should teach this book in hsigh scool.

—Kevin Cotter, Managing Partner for New Earth Market 


I’ve read other books on environmental toxins and the poisons that we (willingly or unknowingly) accumulate in our bodies every day. But Kristi made it matter. The combination of her personal health struggle and quest to learn “why?”, humor, and plain un-sciency descriptions of techie concepts like hormone-disruptors combine to make “Choosing Wiser” seem not only worthwhile, but actually doable. Even by regular, non-hippie, non-wealthy, non-research-lab-owning ordinary people like me.

— Chandra Rambo


Page -Turning, marin-note-taking, highlight corner-folding, remind-yourself-to-breath kind of story."  

— Beth Lippold mother of four and a stay-at-home mom 


I was worried that it was going to go all environmental, hippie, tree hugging craziness and I’m not into that. Instead – the author’s main goal is to have a healthier life for her and her children.  She’s invested in having a healthier earth that will result in healthier food for her and her children. That I can agree with. 

—Read more at Jendi’s Journal Review of Little Changes


Although the message is similar to the one in Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma, this was a much easier and quicker read.

—Read more at “Library” Books


I am so thankful to Kristi because this is the most eye opening book I’ve ever read.  The vast amount of information that she put into this book is amazing.  You MUST read it.  Every American MUST read it.  What I’ve learned since I began reading this book is simply astounding.

—Read more at Life with Captain FussyBuckets


LOVE this book. L-o-v-e. ….I’ll be honest that I was afraid to read your book because I was afraid to feel overwhelmed and more like a failure than I already did in comparison to others’ greenery(?)  But it really really has made me feel better!! That I am on the right track, that I’m not going to die tomorrow if I don’t throw everything out this second, that it’s a process, and its ok if I don’t want to rub mint leaves and baking soda under my armpits!! The part where you wrote about people wanting change overnight when it really is a gradual change really hit home. I  am a huge perfectionist with a side dish of afraid-to-fail complex (my poor husband) and the message I’m getting here is so not what I perceived initially. But then again, most things usually aren’t.

~ Jenelle, Educator