An Audience IS Waiting for Your Knowledge

There are many ways to make a difference in our world - especially if you have a pulsing message to share. But what happens when you have the honor of being in front of a live audience? Are you ready to mesmerize them with your presentation and delivery? 



Polish & Perfect | Power-Finesse YOUR upcoming Presentation  

Invited to sit on a panel, present at a conference, or testify on your topic of expertise?

Not a speaker by trade but an expert at what you know? If you have a speaking engagement looming, let's prepare for powerful delivery of your message for impact: 

  • Three 45-minute online conference calls  
  • OR one in-person two-hour intensive consultation 
  • Feedback and consultation specific to your presentation, style, and event.
    • $299.00


From Meh-to-Marvelous | Speaking as PART OF YOUR path 

The fire is in the belly, and you are actively building your business, blog, and social network. Maybe you are a health coach or consultant?  Either way, you are in this for the long haul. It is easy to perfect your online presence, but your in-person presentations will make future clients LOVE you.

Instead of floundering, fast-track your learning curve: 

  • Three-month mentoring program with six 45-minute personal calls 
  • Prep work required in between
  • Develop three core versions of your message to use
  • Finesse your personal delivery style 
  • Remote consultation 
    • $599.00


Rising Change-Maker Building A TriBE Is More than WRITTEN Words 

What you offer is multi-level and being a speaker is just one part of your influence. Your presence begins long before you arrive at the podium.  Walk through the entire experience - from your online presence, build your social following, and develop your strategy,   This personalized and tailored coaching partnership maximizes your reach for a long-term strategy, detailing out the priorities into a six-month plan.

  • The six-month mentoring program across five 1.5-hour sessions & five 45-minute sessions. 
  • Prep work required in between
  • Finesse your personal delivery style 
  • Develop business aspects of offering speaker services with your platform
  • Maximize the focus to create change 
    • $1599.00