The Foundation Of Your Brand

As a fellow entrepreneur, I want YOU to be out there doing what you do best.  An engaging website, combined with inbound marketing around your brand will create momentum that works for you, and not consume you. 



I would love to....

  • Develop and launch your website. Or refresh your '2012' style website.
  • Develop your brand, voice and storytelling around the reader's experience. 
  • Strategically establish and grow your online presence.
  • Hand the keys over to you, or maintain the energy drivers for you. 
I enjoy assisting small to medium businesses.  My consultation work is usually project based. Depending on the scope of your needs, they projects range between $2500.00 - $8.000.00.  It is not usual to put a 'range' out like this, but I come from years of being a small entrepreneur and I empathize with the struggle of clarity, frugality and value. Let's talk.  



In nutshell, I am a HubSpot fan girl. I revel in HubSpot's software and can maneuver in here swiftly.  I love a creative challenge and creating a solution work for your business.

Here is a sample of some of the objectives and tools I have used for clients and can do for you:     

  • Perform research to understand how viewers experience your brand. (This is key!) 
  • Create content (e.g. website copy, blog posts, social posts) 
  • Measure and optimize your client's journey as it relates to product feature adoption and usage
  • Celebrate and position your testimonials
  • Build product pages, optimize the conversion paths on those pages
  • Use smart calls-to-action to create
  • Test buyer stage-specific CTAs
  • Optimize Facebook Ads for your demographics
  • Use these HubSpot tools to optimize your brand and reach your goals:
    • CRM 
    • Chatflows and snippets.
    • Templates, web page design or clean up.
    • Social medial calendar
    • Workflows, email automation
    • Blog posts 
    • SEO
    • CTA's and Forms
    • Meetings
    • Knowledge Base
    • Analytics and Dashboard 


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Whispering Pines Lodge 

Coming Soon: Blueberry Woods Maine

Together Patient Advocates

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